gmailproxy - IMAP, POP3 and SMTP support for gmail


- Developer release of gmailproxy - For those who do not want to use CVS, a developer release af gmailproxy have been put up on the sourceforge project page.


This is a proxy server for the popular free web-based email service gmail. It enables users to connect to gmail using pop3 og imap, and send email messages via gmail using smtp.

This project is different from other gmail projects, by enabling IMAP support to gmail, which is a much requested feature, not found anywhere else. Also, it works at a caching email proxy server, so it doesn't need to download messages from the servers more than once.

Initially, it wille be written i python and for linux. But it will be easy to port to other platforms.

The project is still in the planning stage, so there is no working downloads yet. You can make a checkout of the CVS repository, which contains the latest development.

Please visit the sourceforge project page for downloads and more information